The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Tom Hardy’s Bane Vest

$ 108.00$ 178.00

Product Specifications:

  • Exterior: Synthetic leather
  • Interior: Viscose lining
  • Front: Full zip closure with YKK zipper
  • Color: Green
  • Elegantly designed waist
  • Belts to make it more fashionable
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Tom Hardy was sensational and outstanding as Bane in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks to his hard work, he really looked intimidating and wicked. With his perilous touch of devilishness, his style was certain to be followed. Tom Hardy’s vest is now reproduced here to give you a frightening look so that you can intimidate others too. The Dark Knight Rises Bane vest will not only make you look devilish, but also stunning at the same time! Inspired by the chilling and terrifying villain who took down Gotham City, this Bane vest is one of the bestselling items that can truly make you shine.


Product Type

Faux Leather, Genuine Leather


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