Curious Case of Benjamin Button Brad Pitt Brown Rider Jacket

$ 142.00$ 202.00

Product Specifications:

  • External: high quality genuine leather
  • Internal: viscose lining
  • Color: brown
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Don’t you feel that Brad Pitt is one actor who has managed to uphold high standards of fashion and style regardless of the character that he is playing? One example is that of curios case of Benjamin button jacket. Even in this movie, the star managed to look his stylish best and introduce a jacket that has every quality to make it one of the most sought after piece of clothing. If you wish to get your hands on this Brad Pitt Benjamin button jacket, you now have the perfect opportunity. The exact same design is available for you to purchase and that too in a quality that would impress you beyond words. The high quality leather is sufficient to astound anyone. This jacket would prove to be the purchase that would be of use for a long duration



Product Type

Faux Leather, Genuine Leather +40


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