Grease 2 Pink Ladies Michelle Pfieffer Reversible Women’s Satin jacket

$ 129.00$ 149.00


  • External: Satin fabric
  • Internal: Reversible jacket
  • Color: Pink
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Why should guys get to have all the stylish and fashionable leather jackets? What if the girls want to avail the perfect jacket too that would enable them to look stylish and glamorous. However the options seem to be rather slim in this regard as most of the jackets seem to be designed for men. However there is one jacket that would help the ladies get over their disappointment in this regard. The Michelle Pfeiffer pink ladies jacket is the one that would fulfill the demands of all the ladies. This grease 2 satin jacket has the perfect design with just the right amount of feminine touch. This high quality leather jacket would not prove to be a onetime wear and would remain with you for a long time. This is a must purchase for all the ladies who are dying to try out a different jacket that would set them apart

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