Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch Wool Long Coat

$ 132.00$ 202.00

Product specifications

  • Manufactured from high quality wool fabric
  • Lapel style collar
  • Double breasted closure
  • 4 pockets, two on each side
  • Full length sleeves with open cuffs
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Long coats prove to be a rather beneficial addition to wardrobe since they serve a number of purposes. On one hand, they protect you from the chilly weather ensuring that you are warm and comfortable at all times. They function as a style statement and they give a certain edge to your personality by enhancing the element of mystery. And if the long coat has been featured in a movie or TV series, you certainly could not have asked for anything more. This is what we bring you. The Sherlock Holmes coat which has been manufactured with the highest standards of quality kept intact



Product Type

Cotton, Wool


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