Star Trek Captain Picard the Next Generation Jacket

$ 144.00$ 204.00

Product specifications

  • High quality leather with inner satin lining
  • Collarless design
  • Stylish zip closure
  • Full length sleeves
  • One hidden inside pocket
  • Red color
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There are some clothes which though appear simple but when worn serve to increase the element of style by many folds. This captain Picard jacket is prime example of that. Designed in a simple and yet exquisite manner, this jacket ensured that captain Picard stands out among his crews in the movie and it would serve the same function for you. Quality has been paid special attention to and no room for complain has been left. Owing to the stain lining, you would not feel uncomfortable in the attire at any instance

Product Type

Faux Leather, Genuine Leather +40


Black & Red


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