The Walking Dead Series David Morissey Governor Black Shirt Style Jacket

$ 138.00$ 198.00

Product Specifications:

  • External: high quality synthetic and genuine leather
  • Internal: viscose lining
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If you wish to purchase stylish and trendy leather jacket that has the added quality of being featured in a movie, this walking dead jacket would prove to be just the thing that you need. Sported by David Morrissey, this governor walking dead jacket has all the qualities that make it perfect for formal gatherings. With the help of this David Morrissey governor jacket, one would be able to carry off the sophisticated and polished look with style. The quality of this leather jacket is such that would render you speechless as high quality genuine leather has been made use of in the fabrication of this piece. This jacket does seem to receive the perfect score in all the relevant departments ranging from design to style as well as comfort. This is a jacket that would prove to be useful for a long time to come



Product Type

Faux Leather, Genuine Leather +40


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